From the Pastor’s Desk

 Welcome From Pastor Mesaros

 I am very pleased that you decided to stop here at our website. I do not believe it is a coincidence and I am extremely glad that you are here and you could not have picked a better time! We understand that people have issues and we are a body that believes God is bigger than our issues.

Our church might be small but we do love one another, we love our community and above all our Lord Jesus Christ.  At Blackhorse Baptist Church we understand that everyone has issues, with myself being no exception, but at Blackhorse we don’t judge.  Everyone is accepted here and we would love to have you.

 It is my privilege to serve you as Pastor of Blackhorse Baptist Church and I am certain you will find support and assistance here at our website.  If you are in the Ravenna area, please visit us at the Blackhorse Baptist Church.  We welcome you with open arms!


 Tom Mesaros

 Senior Pastor


Blackhorse Baptist Church